The Real Reason Why They Repeat the Same 20 Songs on the Radio & TV Nationwide

Ever wonder why you see and hear the same 20 artists on the rotation on radio & television? No, it's not because people are calling the radio stations requesting the songs incessantly.  The answer: media-consolidation. 90% of the media is controlled by only 6 companies: GE, Newscorp, Disney, Viacom & Time Warner. Compare that to 1983 when media was owned by 50 companies.  According to, "media consolidation means less diversity in programming and ownership, fewer voices and viewpoints, less coverage of local issues that matter to communities and less of the unbiased, independent and critical journalism we need to prevent abuses of power."  Media-consolidation has affected the balance and diversity of today's music, which is especially evident when it comes to hip hop.  (

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ORIGINAL: Infographic by Frugal Dad.

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I work for one the the giants who is trying to do a massive take over. Lucky for me during my shift I walk the fine line on programing my own music, under their radar. knock on wood. There is so much more music to play and why we have to hear another sweet child of mine for the 3rd time today is beyond me.

Although it is obviously true that media-consolidation has affected what we are allowed to hear on the radio, it doesn't mean that its effects haven't been implanted on the youth. I'm basically commenting on " it's not because people are calling the radio stations requesting the songs incessantly". The ignorant youth will feed on the bull that the media has raised them with until they, hopefully, gain an epiphany about the crock of lies surrounding them on a subtle, yet daily basis.

i think this is write there's folks in bar's thats playing in band's that cant get a deal because of competeing and they are as good or alot better than the one's that are making it and can bareley pay thier light bill's with two or three kidd's if you believe in god and jesus we're all different some learn fast some  learn slow what im saying is this we must respect all with the upmost i love all music as long as the intent is good why because it's hard work we as a humanbeing's must respect that it's moraly right god will one day put his hand down on us 

I have been producing radio that mixes the established with the up and coming.

It helps both sides. I have had Karyn White on the same show as a young lady named Stephanie Courtney and the fans mix and mingle.

Plus we do live radio events as well.

If you have some quality music and you are willing to work you can email me at and check out my website

We take it back to good music and quality talk/journalism.

No same 5 songs....

Radio is terrible these days for this exact reason. I agree with this article overall, but if you're going to present "facts" it's really important to get them straight. Here are a few points:

- Revenue is a common way to measure the *size* of an industry, but it is not a good measure of spending power, which is what this infographic tries to use it as. It's like going up to somebody who makes $40,000 per year and saying: "$40,000 per year? That's enough to buy a brand new BMW!"

 - It's not really fair to compare sites like Digg, Reddit, and Google News to Time Warner on the metric of number of visitors. Time Warner actually produces news, while those other three sites just link to news... so a lot of times if somebody goes to Google News, they will also go to Time Warner because they will click on a Time Warner article. Those ratios make sense if you think about it.

- $7 billion for the movie industry is actually pretty small in business terms. Movies are only 2.5% of the revenues of the big 6 media companies. I would have expected it to be higher! People think of movies as big business, but they're really not when you compare them to other businesses.

- The AOL-Time Warner merger is considered to be one of the biggest business disasters of all time. Time Warner lost a lot of money on that deal. It's good to point out how that money might better have been spent, but the fact that the merger occurred does not show that the media companies are all-powerful. If anything, it shows their weakness.

The backlash has been going on for a long time with fewer people buying the garbage. They're still able to brainwash a few. Let's hope the that we finally reach the tipping point and that we can get back to fun, quality music.

Mixmup said:

There will be a backlash, I hope it's noisy and unstoppable, but it's more likely to be quiet, slow, and pretty much invisible to the average punter

how can i best put this so you could understand....

3 centuries ago there was a system of banking discovered that gave untold wealth to its owners. The system was imported to the Americas and have been the guiding factor in the politics and  economics of this country. The bank owners device a system where they control the creation of money. if the government wanted new money they had to exchange it with a debt instrument and pay interest, if the public wanted new money they have to get a loan and pay interest to the bank. if neither decide to borrow the money supply will shrink exponentially to a mere 3% or to the base money supply, causing an economic collapse. No jobs, no one could pay their bills, no commerce. The basic system is set up this way and guarded in secrecy because the banks control the media and the schools. All the popular information out there safeguards this great secret of how the banks have a monopoly on the creation of money. Not every single bank is into this conspiracy but certain insider banks. This is the main purpose of the Federal Reserve Bank, to help certain insider bank to have a monopoly on the use of money. The Federal Reserve is not set up to profit but rather to help a few insider banks benefit. They are the ones profiting and the ones calling the shots. They insider banks could do it without the Federal Reserve but the Federal Reserve is rather convenient to them. The Federal Reserve is a tool that these insider banks use to bring about governmental authority to their actions. 


I should add that now the system is global and they are using the American military to spread it.  These bankers want to give value to the paper currency by pegging it to goods and natural resources.  Any country that wants monetary independence, are destroyed by speculators, or by NATO.  Russia apparently have long fallen to these bankers.  More and more people are finding out about this scam and are rebelling but this group of very powerful people have responded by adding untold number of laws.  They are ready to squelch any rebellion and are ready to put anyone in prison or execute them.

This country, THE USA , is presently under a grand and bold scam with the monetary system. They are setting the population into a perpetual debt slave master relationship. They are installing programs to make sure that if anyone rebels they get thrown in prison for ever, or get executed. The income tax is a scheme to get something of value (labor) to the bankers thru securities.

This is why I DJ on Braingell Radio, a Heavy Metal Station for the PEOPLE we play what you want to hear, the only people that tell us what or who to play is the listeners. They want DIO they got it they want a local band, they got it, Braingell Radio We're HARD 24/7

And the "artists" all sound alike! Boring!

And this is the reason why we lost Micheal Basdin

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