Pretty Tony, the King of Memphis Hip Hop Returns to His Throne With "My Pocket Got Money"

LOS ANGELES, CA. - Pretty Tony is a legend in the Memphis rap scene. His beats, hooks, and style laid the groundwork for rap music that exploded into mainstream music in the 1990s. The classic rap song "GetBuck" was the theme song for "gettin' buck" as fans were introduced to Memphis rap - and it was Pretty Tony who wrote, recorded, and produced the megahit.  

Currently, Pretty Tony is introducing another generation to his iconic sound with his latest single, "My Pocket Got Money," which is on fire on streaming platforms.  

Inspiration for "My Pocket Got Money" came while Pretty Tony was surfing the internet during the COVID-19 pandemic. "I saw Lil Boosie talking about how much money he was making a month," explained Pretty Tony. "He is one of my favorite rappers, and he's talking about all this money. The guy next to me said, 'he's got a lot of money.' And that got me thinking." 

Hearing the comments and thinking about it, Pretty Tony knew he was on to something as he came up with a beat and booked some studio time in LA. "My Pockets Got Money" has re-ignited the reign of the King of Memphis Hip Hop.  

"With 'My Pockets Got Money,' I just want people to be inspired and let them know, don't give up on your dream and not be motivated," Pretty Tony said. "Stay motivated, and you can make it. You just got to believe in yourself and stay focused - and your pocket is going to have a lot of money." 

Even though Pretty Tony is living in California, Memphis hip hop runs through his hooks and beats. Memphis rap has returned to the mainstream with its occasional lo-fi sound and minimal synth melodies, and fans cannot get enough.  

Growing up in a house filled with music, Pretty Tony knew he wanted to make his mark in the industry but wanted to do it on his terms, thus creating Memphis rap.  

"I knew I wanted to create my own style, and I'm going to go down and history," he explained. "I knew I was going to make me and my friends famous." 

In fact, it was Pretty Tony and his killer song, "GetBuck," that jumpstarted the careers of many rappers. "Every platinum rapper out of Tennessee remixed my song 'GetBuck,' and that's what got their career going. Without Pretty Tony's "GetBuck,' you wouldn't have Yo Gotti, Project Pat, Young Buck, 3 6 Mafia, or MC Hammer, who sold the first diamond selling CD – 10 million copies, after remixing my song' GetBuck.' These are all facts that you can Google. My song 'GetBuck' was event remixed on the movie 'Hustle & Flow' by Memphis rapper Al Kapone. I am the real first king of Memphis." 

In addition to the signature Memphis rap groove, Pretty Tony is well-known for his dance moves with swinging elbows and deep steps on stage while performing. "I'm a little bit wild and a little bit different, and it caught fire," he recalled.  

While many mainstream rap artists have used his beats and licks, Pretty Tony has not received credit for it, but that has not stopped him. "I'm the rapper that they go to when they want to go platinum," Pretty Tony quipped. "I write my own music, and I don't use samples. Everything that you hear from me is authentic Pretty Tony." 

In addition to writing, rapping, and producing, Pretty Tony is an entrepreneur with his own record label, Verse Drop LLC, and a clothing apparel line. But his music continues to define this southern rapper. With nearly 500,000 Spotify streams for his latest single, Pretty Tony is taking off again, proving that being over 50 does not matter when you are the first King of Memphis Hip Hop.  

"I'm back, and I'm in the rap game," promised Pretty Tony.  

Make sure to stay connected to Pretty Tony on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts. 






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