No Country For Old Men: The Importance Of DJ Hollywood & Eddie Cheba

At the same time Grandmaster Flash and The 3 Emcees, (Keith Cowboy, Mele Mel and The Kidd Creole) were putting it down at park jams in the South Bronx, Harlem’s own DJ Hollywood had already begun making a name all over the city.

He is New York’s first DJ who could rap simultaneously to the Disco tunes he spun. He has garnered a huge following with a clientele that allowed him to do as many as three appearances in one night. Many will tell you it is Hollywood that they heard first not only to rhyme, but also sing to the records he would spin.

Now, to ensure that the party started popping as soon as Hollywood walked into the establishment, the man traveled with his own entourage of around eight people. Enter The Corporation.