Big Trill and DaBlock365 Lead Massive Multi-Million Dollar Music Scam

Big Trill aka Johnathan M Soroush and his company DaBlock365 are reportedly scamming millions of dollars from unsuspecting artists by impersonating celebrity rappers on Instagram and getting them to send money via cashapp, paypal, venmo, and zelle accounts they run with multiple aliases. They alledegedly have access to hundreds of hip hop artists social media accounts and are working with 520 promotions impersonate major artists on social media. This has gained global news attention recently after The Game was exposed for allowing Big Trill and DaBlock365 to use his Instagram account to scam upcoming artists with fake mixtapes that get promoted no where and receive little to no plays.

The massive multi-million dollar fraud has not gone unnoticed. DJ Booth explained and exposed it recently on a Twitter thread and it has since made headlines all over the news recently. @Rap.ponzischeme also exposed it on their Instagram before Big Trill got the account banned by flagging it from all the celebrity rappers IG accounts he controls. However, all the evidence of his eleborate massive multi-million dollar fraud remain on their linktree. 

Everyone who has sent money for something they didn’t receive or was under the impression they were scammed because they weren’t talking to the actual artist, but a fake management company, is encouraged to contact the FBI and BBB as well as the NY Attorney General’s Office to file a report. A class action lawsuit is in the works where all victims can seek compensation if they feel they were defrauded by Big Trill impersonating the artist they sent money to.